Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wasnt gonna, but nah..

I really wasn't gonna continue blogging.. because I'm kinda disappointed coz nobody seems to be interested with my random ramblings.. although, I never really intended to blog so that everybody would read what I write. But if I say it like that, I'm kinda dis arguing what blogging really is. I mean, blogging is about sharing your thoughts with everybody in the net, right? But then again, how could you continue sharing something if nobody wants to hear/read it?

I know this sounds kinda early for me to be depressed in blogging coz I've only been here for what, like a month and a few weeks? I wasn't gonna post anything tonight, but I said to myself, what the heck, what would I lose if nobody will read my posts. I don't lose anything when I write in my diary. And diaries are supposed to be in secret.

My heart leapt for joy when someone commented on my last post. You know who you are, and thanks so much for commenting. It really means alot. So now, I'm getting kinda excited again in this blogging thing.

Wasn't gonna post anything... but.. NAH :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Twilight Saga

I'm reading Breaking Dawn again (I think, for the 2nd time?) and it never fails to excite me everytime I read the part wherein they are looking for their vampire friends to help them not to get killed by the Volturi because of Reneesme. And I've been thinking since last year why Meyer gave those titles to her books: Twilight, New Moon, Ecplise and Breaking Dawn. I really don't think that she just named it like that because it sounds good, I know that there's something behind that name and I, a self-confessed Twilight addict, have a theory on why those names came to be =)

1. Twilight : I don't know that exact page, chapter and the exact words on how Bella described Edward as her moon. So, as we all know, twilight is the time of the day immediately following sunset and after twilight - night time comes - therefore, there will be a moon (if it's not new moon). And so, since Bella met Edward - her mooon - in that book, she is in the period of twilight, or the period where her 'moon' is coming out.

2. New Moon : In this book, Edward suddenly leaves Bella (I will try my best not to give out Spoilers) without telling her the reason. So, as we all know, new moon is the time when it cannot be seen in any place on earth - thus, it's invisible. So since Edward, Bella's moon is gone, therefore, it is a new moon.

3. Eclipse : I know for sure that Jacob is Bella's sun. In this book, Jacob and Edward are fighting for Bella's attention and stuff. Eclipse is the obscuring of one heavenly body by another. And in this situation, the moon -- Edrawd and the sun -- Jacob, are fighting to outshine each other.

4. Breaking Dawn : (*SPOILER alert*) In this book, Bella finally became what she wanted to be from the beginning of the book. And the reason why it came to be is that her daughter almost killed her since Reneesme is not "normal". Fast forward (since it is such a think book), when Jacob saw Reneesme, this werewolf thing happened to him that made the two of them kind of like love at first sight, but stronger, much stronger. it's like the ONE. Your absolute soulmate. your one and only. Life has no meaning with out them. And so, the sun - Jacob, emerges from his heartache when he finally proved to himself that Bella will never be his. But then again, he still became a part of her life - and her family by imprinting on Reneesme - thus, the Sun emerges -- breaking dawn.

So, what do you think? Am I right or am I right? =)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ads.. Ads.. AND MORE ADS!

So.. I'm going to advertise my other blog here.

Actually, it's not really a blog blog. It's kinda fan fiction blog thingy. I'm kinda depressed coz when I posted my story (it's a Twilight Fan Fic so if you love twilight, you gotta see it! But if you don't, sheesh. Wth's wrong with you?! lol. KIDDING!) inFanFiction.net, nobody didn't even care to comment or give a useful and encouraging words for me. So I lost my passion (which in the very beginning was soo high that I even thought of making a real book about it.) and I stopped writing.

But then, I just figured out a while ago, why not make a blog of it? So that's what I did.

Now, all I need is a couple of followers so that SOMEone will actually read my real blog and would read my fiction blog.



Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Not supposed to do this, but WHATEVER

Like what I said in the title: Im not supposed to BLOG - but whatever.

Im supposed to do a handout for my students (ding ding ding, Im a preschool teacher) for geographt but Im too bored to start.

This boredom is really starting to freak me out. I mean, Im not THAT lazy but now, I feel sooo lazy.

Evidences of LAZINESS:

1. I don't text that much anymore - but before, I used to text ALOT. And I mean ALOT coz I paid a huge amount of money 2 weeks ago for my post paid account because I over used the priveleges of 250 free text messages to other networks.

2. I want to sleep early - HELLO? Im like the nightrider or something, I LIVE at night before I got hit of this laziness syndrome. I love staying up late but now, I feel like Im boring the hell out of my body that's why I always want to sleep early.

3. I want to sleep ALL the time - what's up with that?!

4. It's ok with me if Im hungry as long as Im not going to make/prepare food for myself - another whats-up-with-that moment! Who would want to be hungry? Surely, Im not like this because I love to eat, and I eat all the time.

So what do you think? Do I really have that sloth syndrome?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Senior Citizen MODE

Omb (to those who don't know what it is, it means Oh My Ben, lol). It took like 45 freaking minutes for me to figure out how to retrieve my password. I thought I knew my password but I kept on getting the message "The username doesn't exist". WTH? This blogger and google account sh** is making my head ache. Im confused! What should I type in the username? my real username? or my email address? WHAT!?

Ugh. So irritating.

Anyway, just finished downloading the OST of Across the Universe. I think I'm gonna changed OMB to OMJ. Jim Sturgess is one HAWT actor (but my first love would still be Ben of course). He can sing and he can act! Yay. I can't wait for my download to finish.

Anyway AGAIN, just finished (AGAIN, I do multiple tasking, you know) reading an article in wiki about the death of Hitler. I really don't know why I'm really interested with the Nazis, Holocaust and Hitler. There's really this something about the story that's so fascinatingly horrible (is there such thing like that?). Hitler's life is really weird. Imagine, his "rumored" lover, Geli Raubal is his sort-of half niece commited suicide because of a debatable reason (some movies explains that Hitler raped her, some articles say that Hitler found out that she got pregnant by a teacher and Hitler and her had a row before she had suicide). Then, Hitler's wife, attempted suicide TWICE and her third attempt was successful, and it was with Hitler (when, I think, he learned that Germany will lose again). Hitler's wife, Eva Braun, took a bite of a pill with cyanide whereas Hitler shot himself in the head. Talk about a tragic ending.

Some say that Hitler has a borderline personality disorder (describes a prolonged disturbance of personality function characterized by depth and variability of moods - DSM IV), he has narcissistic personality, psychosis, is a shizophrenic and the list go on and on. It's very disturbing that President Paul von Hindenburg elected him as the Chancellor of Germany and that Hitler's cabinet elected him as Fuhrer (means Supreme Leader). Maybe, those guys who elected and who believed in Hitler has psychosis also.

Am I boring now? I just feel like blogging this because I don't think anybody I know would be interested in this topic. Not unless I see my college friend again who is into all topics, and I mean any topic under the sun. One thing that I really remember about one of our topics "discussed" was about Peter Pan. Haha. We were arguing and trying to find the asnwer why Hook is so mad at Peter and how come Hook is that old when you don't get old in Neverland. Hmm, did I make you think also? =)

Anyway, I'm pretty sure I'm word vomiting again because as you can see below (labels for this post), I have ALOT of topics and it's not even related to each other!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Bitter Pill to Swallow?

I would DEFINITELY just swallow a pill rather than excercise. Sorry health buffs but I'm not the excercise-3-hours-a-day-5-days-a-week girl. I'm your ordinary swallow-a-pill-just-to-skip-excercising type of girl. I mean, come on, I wouldn't want to sweat my ass off just to look good.

Not that I dont want to really excercise because believe it or not, I'm a CAT officer in highschool so we did ALOT of excercise back then (and that was the worst part of my highschool - the second one was being ditched by my prom date who is one of my officers btw).

I'm asthmatic. So I'm not really that allowed to run around for hours or to sweat like a pig in my clothes because I do get sick ALOT. There was this time that I was admitted to the hospital because of pneumonia (talk about my 3rd worst nightmare).

So to make my LONG story short (which by the way you have to endure because I really do type and talk alot, thank you), I would kiss that guy or girl or whatever who would invent that pill that would take away excercising for good.


Word Vomit


So what is it with me that I decided to make a blog?

Why on earth would I want to share my whole life with billions of people on the web?

As corny or as sentimental as it may sound, I was inspired by Anne Frank. Yes, I LOVE to read books, actually I just finished reading Frank's Diary and now I'm reading Dorian Gray - but that's another story.

(*just an FYI, I just finished CTRL + ALT + DELETE -ing my computer because there was an error with Zoundry. I'm trying this blog application so I don't need to go to livejournal.com everytime I want to post something. But looks like I'm gonna go there after all coz the s* Error Window keeps on popping up)

Anyway, back to Anne Frank (now I know why I finally decided to do this, I'm having WORD VOMIT right now, I can't stop telling about ALOT of things. I shou-- ooppss, gotta get back to Anne Frank now). If you haven't read the book - I'm telling you, READ THE BOOK! She's this barely-teenager who is stuck inside a "Secret Annexe" for almost 2 years because of the Nazi occupation in Holland. Her family decided to go on hiding so that they won't go to a concentration camp where they would be digging 24/7, without decent food, clothing, and a bed. But unfortunately, someone tipped the Gestapo (google it!) that they were hiding in this "Secret Annexe" so they were later found and was sent to a concentration camp (so much for waiting for 2 years for their liberation).

She didn't tell anything about her life outside the "Secret Annexe" because when they were captured, she left the diary. And that was the saddest part of all. Like, you never thought that you wouldn't be able to add another entry in your diary because the next day, you were being dragged outside your house.

She never really had the chance to venge out her anger or emotions to her family or to those who are with them. Even to her so-called boyfriend Peter. Anne thinks that nobody would ever understand her and that the only way for her to take out her emotions is to write in her diary. There were ALOT of intimate things written in that diary, I should say. Her fears, anger, problems with boys, menstruation and even her short period of being obssessed with one's --- CENSORED.

I think that I'm a bit like her in a few ways. #1: I am talkative. I talk ALOT and type ALOT - Anne on the other hand, talk ALOT and write ALOT. #2: I looove talking about boys, Anne likes it too. #3 Sometimes, I think that even my own boyfriend and parents won't understand some of the things in my mind so I just keep it - Anne's like that too.

But there's one thing that we're not the same - I'm in a free country now, and she wasn't. Don't expect that what I would write here - or TYPE here would be the same issues as hers because alot of things in her diary were about being a Jew, or her beloved Holland and how Hitler made them feel bad for being a Jew. I wouldn't want to expect also that all my entries will make sense - most of my entries won't make sense, I'm warning you (I'm just in the mood now to share my thoughts, maybe it's because I'm the only one who's awake here in our house so nobody will see me typing this).

Anyhoo, I hope that I made a good start. I'm looking forward to Typing on you again.


Do I need to name you also? Like what Anne did to her diary?

Nah =)